New feature

Be scheduled..

Import the data on between January and August, 2016.
(It also contains the deleted articles, comments and images.)
Collect the author's identifier and search by it.
Serve the more stable and faster service.

Jan 23 2017

Remove data of temp member who signed up temporarily before Jan 14.
New subscription plans are introduced.
Registration system is renewed.
The real money value of BTC are shown for registraiton fee.
We are offering a 10% discount on registration fee until Jan 31.

Jan 15 2017

Membership page written in Korean is open.
Now only one confirmation for Bitcoin transaction is necessary.

Jan 13 2017

Now the expiry date, which is a week, of pending to register for the temporary member is applied.
This is because the chance of colliding the price becomes higher.
Note that you can register the subscription plan by paying the then price though it gives you the negative points.
On Jan 21, we will delete the temporary member who registered before Jan 14.
And we prepare the register page written in Korean and the diverse pricing.
We will offer the following registration packages.
When the price of Points is 0.014BTC/100Points,
80Days+ Plan extends your plan expiry date for a day daily, if you visit our site, within subscription.

Jan 3 2017 - Improved membership system

The free members who have not visited Ssaveilbe after Dec 1 2016 are blocked.
Add the feature of logging in by temporary ID/PW or E-mail.
We will renew membership signing system soon. We are preparing 25Points, 100Points, 150Points plan.

Dec 17 2016 - Ad system is renewed

Delete the deprecated ad section.
Show again the ssaveilbe ad section.

Nov 1 2016 - Membership system is renewed

Registration with membership fee is increased 0.003~0.004BTC.
No more random bonus for registartion. Now the bonus had been determined.
Accounts which have not visited for a month are disabled.
Accounts which have more than 50 Points recieve lifetime subscription.
Now search function for subscription is free.

Game for Ssaveilbe and micro point system is not prepared yet.
Also the limitation for free plan member and guest is not applied yet.
After we prepare, we will open public free registration.

Oct 30 2016 - Notice about the new membership system (II)

Our charge system is renewed.
Now you could a small amount of Points.
The larger amount of Points makes the price cheaper.

The membership fee is changed and determined.
Lifetime membership fee : 50Points
Monthly membership fee : 15Points (It is the same as 120Points for lifetime)
The detail is updated in membership page.

Free plan member and guest get 10mPoints every day.
1Point is equal to 1000mPoints.
You could read one article for 1mPoint, search for 20mPoints.
If the free plan member visits Ssaveilbe multiple days in a row, he gets more daily bonus mPoints.
The free member registration is open once a week.
On that day, reading the article does not cost.

The accounts without visit after Oct 1 will be deleted on Nov 1.

We are preparing the system to give members the opportunity to get (m)Points.

Oct 29 2016 - Improve membership accesibility

The cookie's lifetime becomes longer.
It was an hour but now it is a year.
Now membership page doesn't contain any ads. is the same as membership page for users not logged in
It means that if you are our member, using that URL for visiting Ssaveilbe makes you not see any ads.

Oct 18 2016 - Notice about the new membership system (I)

The membership fee is about 50 Points, or 0.002BTC for lifetime now.
But from Nov 1, it will be changed as follows.
Lifetime membership fee : 100Points
Monthly membership fee : 15Points
(Every months decrease the fee by 1Point so it is the same as 120Points for lifetime)
And the benefit of membership will be also changed.
The unlimited search will be included in membership fee.
The search will cost 0.02Points for the free plan member.
The feature of gathering pictures cost 1Ponts for a day.
Free plan member and guest will be able to read 10 articles for a day.
The minimum amount to charge will be decreased to 0.001BTC.
The detail will be announced soon.
The members who has registered until Oct 31 also has the benefit of the new membership system.

Sep 22 2016 - Temporary registration is available. Service policy changed.

There was some problem on temporary registation but now it is available.
From Sep 23 2016, no more signing bonus for non-paid members, and 일베 is served only for members.
From Oct 2 2016, there will be a charge, 1 Point per 24hour, for 일베, 일삭, 짤삭, 대삭 and 패삭.

Sep 22 2016 - Advertisement

We open the advertisement.

Sep 21 2016 - Translate in Korean. Open the help page.

For Korean members, we offer some pages in Korean.
To improve our customer service, we open the FAQ page.

Sep 17 2016 - Search image cross reference. Upgrade the membership benefit.

Now you can find the articles which have the same image.
For the member's pleasant experience, the count of comment is hidden to non-members.
We limit the number of showing comments to non-member to 50.
Non-member can't use the feature of sorting and reconstructing the comment tree.
In order to serve the better experience to members, we decide to collect the membership fee.

Sep 16 2016 - Change member policy.

Member registration is closed at Sep 16, 2016 15:00:00 UTC.
We introduce membership tier by the total Points and offer different services by membership tier.
Any member who does not use Ssaveilbe for a week will lose membership at Sep 23, 2016 15:00:00 UTC.
After the a cleanup of membership, we will reopen the registration within the vacancy of membership.

Sep 15 2016 - Open the filtered list for non-member.

Non-member should do the CAPTCHA challenge.
Whenever non-member uses the service, the number of challenge increase by 1.

Sep 14 2016 - Start Points charge service. Gather the pictures.

Every charge makes the price of Points expensive.
You can use gather the images with the various options.

Sep 14 2016 - Filtering the deleted article is available for member. Report promotion.

As a part of a membership promotion, we offer the filtering feature for only member.
As a part of a report system promotion, we give 3 Points for the report of wasting the server's resource by image. It ends at Sep 16, 2016 15:00:00 UTC.

Sep 13 2016 - Indicate and filter the article deleted in ilbe.

We inspect whether the article is deleted or not.
The color of the comment count indicates the image archiving status and also the delete status.
The following description implies the article is deleted.
: No image
: Waiting to archive
: Tried to archive
: Put off archiving

Sep 11 2016 - Search available. List contains all the versions of article.

Now you can search articles by title or nickname.
Only members can search, searching costs 1 Point and it is valid in an hour.
(As a part of promotion, for a few days, we give you 3 Points every day. It ends at Sep 15 00:00:00 UTC)
Ssaveilbe saves all of your articles including what you modifed.
Now the revision of article is colored scarlet.

Sep 9 2016 - Introduce membership program. Report improper articles.

Now you can join our membership.
You can report the illegal or wasting contents.
Enhance the site's security.

Sep 6 2016 - Archive the comments.

↳ indicates the reply of reply
⬇ indicates that the upper is the older version than the lower.

Sep 1 2016 - Archive the revision of articles. Indicate the image status.

We detect the change of articles and save each version of articles.
The color of the comment count indicates the image archiving status.
: No image
: Waiting to archive
: Tried to archive
: Put off archiving

Service failure

Dec 16 17:54 ~ Dec 17 17:10 KST - Fail to crawl

Jan 8 16:00 ~ Jan 10 15:00 KST - Fail to store image