Membership & Charge

How can I register the membership?

You can sign in the membership anytime with the membership fee.
If you sign in the membership with the fee, you would get a signing bonus.
If you want to sign in free, you have to wait and catch the free membership quota.

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee may be changed every week.
It depends on how many people tried to sign up the previous week.

How is signing bonus calculated?

Based on charge policy, the signing bonus is calculated.
It is the same as charging Point.
In charging, if the price is 0.002BTC per 100Points and you sent 0.02345BTC, you will get 1195Points.
It is derived from 1150Points of 0.02300 for 0.002BTC/100Points and 45Points of 0.00045 for 0.001BTC/100Points.
In signing, if the price is 0.002BTC per 100Points and you sent 0.001234BTC for the membership fee,
you will get 24~74Points. It is derived from 1Point of the general signing bonus, 0~50Points of 0.001000 for 0.002BTC/(0~100Points) and 23.4Points of 0.000234 for 0.001BTC/100Points.
The changed price is determined randomly so the part of being expensive is regarded as the actual membership fee.

When the daily bonus is given?

The daily bonus is given when you sign in.
And its interval is 24 hours.

I can't use the feature gathering images free though I am Platinum Tier.

After being Platinum Tier, the first daily bonus gives you that benefit.

It seems that I didn't get the Points though I paid.

When you charge the Points, you should check it in Membership Page.
Though it takes more than 3 confirmations, before you check in the Membership Page, it isn't given.
If you had not checked the page and you tried to use the paid feature such as search, it could say you don't have enough Points.


Why can't I see the deleted article list without CAPTCHA?

It is due to promoting registration.
Actually if CAPTCHA exists or not doesn't give any significant load to server.
But outwardly, suppressing non-member's usage of overloaded feature, we can offer the better service to members.